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Pho Hot

Apr 30, 2014 12:05PM ● By Style

Grilled Pork with Egg Cake – Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Ever since my first visit to Pho Hot last year, I’ve been a regular.

The restaurant’s extensive menu, featuring various varieties of the namesake pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), bánh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches made on crusty French bread) and more, has countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered and devoured.
At first glance the décor seems minimal, but look closer and you’ll see a number of nuances: crown molding and fancy little light fixtures along the wall with pictures of mouthwatering menu items.
My most recent visit was with a friend just before the dinner rush. (I quickly realized that I’m not the only person with an affinity for this place.) We ordered the fried shrimp for an appetizer, a first for both of us, but definitely not a last. The steaming plate arrived with eight crispy, lightly salted shrimp and a sweet sauce that complemented the dish perfectly.
For entrées, I went with a large bowl of sirloin and flank steak pho. Its fresh ingredients—consisting of sirloin, flank steak, rice noodles and onions—came simmering in an expertly prepared broth, complex with flavors. My friend’s order, the grilled pork with egg cake, took up his entire half of the table. Artfully arranged on the large plate was a colorful array of rice, grilled pork, egg cake, sugarcane and bean curd shrimp. Lucky for me, he was generous enough to share and I can attest, it was amazing.
Pho Hot also doubles as a smoothie and tea bar, so for dessert I ordered a blueberry and banana smoothie with tapioca, while my friend opted for the homemade lemonade. The lemonade went from full to empty in a matter of minutes so I’m guessing he was pleased.
We walked out, me sipping my smoothie and my friend holding his stomach, in complete and utter satisfaction.

Pho Hot - Rocklin, CA