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7th Annual Student Spotlight - Folsom

Apr 30, 2014 10:12AM ● By Style

7th Annual Student Spotlight - Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

This month, in Style’s annual compilation of high-achieving high school seniors, we give you each school’s selections for local teens setting the pace—whether in academics, athletics, philanthropy, or all of the above. Read on and get inspired by the words and achievements of these 2014 super grads.

Thumb_dsc_0288_emily_abraham_srgb Emily Abraham - Student Spotlight 2014
I Want to Make A Difference and Leave an Impact on the World Read more



Thumb_dsc_0472_nick_bennet_srgb Nick Bennett - Student Spotlight 2014
“I Love the TV Show Doctor Who.” Read more



Thumb_dsc_0236_justin-priest_srgb Justin Priest - Student Spotlight 2014
“My Dad—He is One of the Greatest Men I Know.” Read more



Thumb_dsc_0382_troyknox_srgb Troy Knox - Student Spotlight 2014
“I’m an Avid Cyclist and Participated in RAMM (Race Across America)...” Read more



Thumb_dsc_0155_lukas_novak_srgb Lukas Novak - Student Spotlight 2014
“I Have a Passion for Poetry.” Read more



Thumb_dsc_0340_melissa_brausch_srgb Melissa Brausch - Student Spotlight 2014
“I Plan to Obtain a Career in the Theatre Business, Hopefully on Broadway.” Read more



Thumb_dsc_0512_josh_pfeffersrgb Josh Pfeffer - Student Spotlight 2014
“My Dream Job Would Be to Work at Google.” Read more



Thumb_dsc_0328_hallie_daly_srgb Hallie Piper Daly - Student Spotlight 2014
“I Just Want to Be a Big Sponge and Soak Up Everything There is to Know About the World.” Read more


Thumb_dsc_0215_madeline_duncansrgb2 Madeline Duncan - Student Spotlight 2014
“My Goal is to Go to Law School and Become a Lawyer.” Read more