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Apr 02, 2014 11:40AM ● By Style
Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) pays tribute to jazz as both a living and historic music. We’ve gathered a list of local jazz concerts and even some trivia to test your knowledge of the jazz greats.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band will play at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento on Wednesday, April 26.

For a list of local Jazz concerts visit

And now for some trivia…
  1. Who...or Jelly Roll Morton? Born Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe, Jelly Roll Morton was an American jazz pianist, bandleader and composer who started in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  2. How did Edward Kenney Ellington become “Duke?”

  3. When was Miles Davis inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  4. Why was Dizzy Gillespie fired from Cab Calloway’s band?

  5. By what other name is New Orleans known as in the jazz world?


  1. He is known as Jazz’s “first arranger.”
  2. Ellington’s childhood friends noticed that "his casual, offhand manner, his easy grace, and his dapper dress gave him the bearing of a young nobleman",and began calling him Duke. Ellington credited his "chum" Edgar McEntree for the nickname. "I think he felt that in order for me to be eligible for his constant companionship, I should have a title. So he called me Duke."
  3. 2006, although he passed away in 1991.
  4. Calloway accused Gillespie of throwing a spitball at him during a performance.
  5. Dixieland.