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Wasabi Asia Bistro and Sushi Bar

Apr 01, 2014 12:03PM ● By Style

Asparagus Tuna

by Gabriel Stubbs
Photography by Dante Fontana - © Style Media Group

My day had seemed particularly long and the idea of sushi, a beer, and catching some of the Winter Olympics sounded nothing short of heavenly. I recruited a friend, who had been raving about Wasabi, and off we went.
We started with the Asparagus Tuna appetizer before ordering two rolls—the Volcano for myself and the Kim #3 for my dining companion. The Asparagus Tuna tasted as superb as it looked. Lightly seared tuna perfectly enveloped the al dente asparagus, while a drizzling of sweet sauce complemented and finished the plate. The aptly named Volcano roll was a winner as well. If they bottled the “special sauce” that flowed over the Volcano—which was filled with spicy tuna, snow crab, crispy shrimp, salmon and avocado, then deep-fried—I would have bought a few, no question! As for the Kim #3, a roll stuffed with deep-fried soft shell crab, spicy tuna and eel, then topped with avocado, seared tuna, snow crab, onion and tobiko? Well, my friend enjoyed it so much that she didn’t even share.
We finished up at our table and retired to the bar, sipping Kirins and watching one of the Olympic luge events. While the regular dining room was aesthetically pleasing—simple and modern, with interesting light fixtures sweeping from the ceiling—the sushi bar was the real highlight. Boasting three sides, each manned by an experienced sushi chef, and four impressively large flat-screen televisions floating above, there’s plenty of action to keep diners’ entertained.
Between the fresh, delicious fare and knowledgeable, friendly staff, we both agreed we’d be returning to Wasabi soon. Plus, there’s something about the ambiance that makes you want to rock and roll, and enjoy one more drink.

Wasabi Asia Bistro and Sushi Bar - Roseville, CA