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Awful Annie’s

Feb 28, 2014 03:01AM ● By Style

Photography by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

The first thing I thought was “Why is it called Awful Annie’s?” Does this mean that Annie is not very pleasant? Or is it the food that’s awful? After visiting for the first time one chilly afternoon, those initial thoughts couldn’t have been more wrong.

After a polite young lady seated my boyfriend and I, we decided to try the Kung Pao calamari appetizer. Shortly after, our server delivered the platter of delicately fried squid and before she could set it down, our mouths began to salivate. The touch of cilantro and soft crunch of cashews mixed beautifully with the sweet and slightly spicy Thai sauce. Not too sweet, nor too spicy, it was a perfect complement to the seafood.

For the main attraction, I decided to order lunch and get the chicken-portobello mushroom sandwich. The Provolone cheese oozed into the mushrooms and helped bring out the natural flavors of the chicken, while thick sourdough bread absorbed the perfect amount of sun-dried tomato aioli. As I took my first bite, I heard the crunch of lettuce and squelch of tomato and enjoyed every ingredient’s flavor (both independently and as a whole). The fries that accompanied were a hybrid between steak and shoestring, and in my opinion, they could champion the world of fried spuds.

Our server recommended the California crab cake Benedict and my boyfriend couldn’t resist. Having tasted a bite, it’s easy to see why it’s winning the popularity contest. The crab cakes were crispy on the outside and delicate on the inside, and tasted fresh, not fishy. The poached eggs were perfection. Creamy yolk engulfed the cake and English muffin and, mixed with the well-made hollandaise, it made our taste buds dance. The avocado added a contrasting texture and pulled everything together deliciously.

I would highly recommend Awful Annie’s  because it’s anything but awful—it’s amazing!

Awful Annie’s, 160 Sacramento Street, Auburn, 530-888-9857; 490 Lincoln Boulevard, Lincoln, 916-645-9766,

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