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Folsom Zoo Spotlight

Feb 28, 2014 08:31AM ● By Style

Photo by Christina Allen.

Bobcat Blue was born in 1996 and held as a pet until 2008 when he had a life-changing experience.

Blue decided to take a walk in downtown Elk Grove, which, as one might expect, caused quite a stir. With TV news helicopters overhead and a whole posse of city employees on the prowl, excitement was in the air. Ultimately, Blue was captured by the local animal control and spent the night in the safety of a veterinarian’s office. His loving family relinquished him to the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary where—if all goes well—he’ll live happily ever after. Like many “wild pets,” Blue has been declawed. The moniker bobcat most likely comes from the animal’s short “bobbed” tail. Spotted kittens, usually three, are born in spring and stay with Mom for about eight months of training and practice before going out on their own. Next time you’re at the Zoo, be sure and say “hi” to Blue!