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Allegiant Giving

Feb 28, 2014 04:29AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Decades later and Joe Sinner still recalls the struggles several of his close friends faced as they returned from the Vietnam War.

These are the memories that compel him to assist today’s veterans as they look for work, cope with life-changing injuries, and simply try to readjust to civilian life. “These are small things we do,” he says, “but they provide a degree of independence to vets that will hopefully help them lead productive lives.”

For the past year, Sinner has served on the board of Allegiant Giving, a Loomis-based nonprofit that works to improve the community at large by investing in veterans and Placer County youth sports programs and educational initiatives. According to its co-founder, Michael Mathews, Allegiant operates based on a distinct set of core values—character, action, relationships and excellence, or CARE—and actively seeks opportunities to partner with local businesses and leaders. “This is a group of giving individuals who are dedicated to creating a giving environment with lasting relationships,” Mathews says. “It is the opportunity to work with like-minded friends dedicated to changing a community and a way of thinking that puts others first.”

In the three short years since they joined together, Allegiant’s members have facilitated the purchase of military care packages and Action TrackChair all-terrain wheelchairs for severely wounded combat veterans, in addition to supporting local sports and educational programs—ranging from Gold Clubz Fore Kidz to the Roseville Police Activities League. In 2013 alone, Allegiant sponsored three successful fund-raising events, including Socks for Soldiers, a campaign co-sponsored by the Haney Garcia Realty Group that collected nearly 1,000 pairs of boot socks in time for the holidays.

According to Mathews, the organization’s main goal this year is to further the development of its Giving Partner program, which currently includes nearly a dozen members.

“What draws me to the cause,” he shares, “is the opportunity to meet with the wounded veterans and the returning service men and women, meeting their families, hearing their stories. I get the opportunity to follow their progress beyond a snapshot in time; the good and the bad is often presented.”

In January, Allegiant was honored by the Placer Union High School District’s unanimous decision to rename Del Oro High School’s varsity baseball stadium “Allegiant Field,” in recognition of substantial contributions to the school’s baseball program, including improvements to the field. Allegiant Board Chairman Mark Haney says his organization plans to strengthen its relationship with the Del Oro community in the coming years and continue enhancing the field with the addition of a new scoreboard.

“I grew up in our local community and sincerely appreciate its unique characteristics and opportunities to build a quality life. It is the strength in leadership of our young people that will prove key to sustaining and improving our community’s charm,” Haney explains. “My work at Allegiant is for my children, grandchildren and future great grandchildren.”

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