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Valentine’s Day World Trivia

Feb 06, 2014 03:28AM ● By Style

Most countries have Valentine’s Day traditions that differ from those here in the U.S.

Even so, “love” still remains as the holiday’s main theme. See how you score when it comes to international amoré!

  1. Which country sees only women giving chocolate gifts to the men in their lives?

  2. Approximately how many Valentine’s Day cards are sent around the world each year?

  3. Which Scandinavian countries celebrate friendship rather than romance on February 14?

  4. In which country is it customary to give heart-shaped gingerbread cookies to the one you love?

  5. Valentine’s Day is also celebrated as National Chocolate Day in which country?

  6. Which European city celebrates Valentine’s Day by organizing Romeo and Juliet-related events, such as a contest for the best love letter to Juliet?

  7. Which country celebrates love on the 14th day of every month?

  8. In the 1700s, what would single women in England pin to their pillows on the eve of Valentine’s Day in hopes of dreaming of their future husbands?

  9. Which country’s government had to ban its Valentine’s Day tradition because it often ended up as a rowdy and dangerous bonfire with women burning pictures of the men who rejected them?

  10. Which country celebrates Valentine’s Day with a senior citizens parade?


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  1. Japan

  2. 1 billion

  3. Finland and Estonia

  4. Germany

  5. Ghana

  6. Verona, Italy

  7. South Korea

  8. Bay leaves

  9. France

  10. Guatemala