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Drs. Venkat Tirumala and Rashmi Ramasubbaiah

Jan 03, 2014 01:35AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group

Venkat Tirumala met his wife, Rashmi Ramasubbaiah, while in medical school in India.

“I saw her when I was doing clinical rounds,” he recalls. “It was love at first sight.” The two recently moved to Placerville, working together as an indomitable husband-and-wife duo at Marshall Medical Center. In the past, the couple often had to spend long periods apart, forced to juggle different residencies, work schedules and parenting duties. “We were lucky,” Rashmi says, sharing her relief at their dual placement at Marshall.

Although they’re in different sections of the hospital (Venkat is a pulmonologist and internal medicine physician, while Rashmi is an oncologist/hematologist), somehow they make it all work, raising their six-year-old daughter, helping patients, and spending any remaining free time promoting causes near and dear to their hearts. Rashmi is a supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and an advocate for breast cancer awareness programs, while Venkat is passionate about anti-smoking campaigns, as many of his patients suffer from smoking-related lung disease. Despite their divergent interests, the couple supports each other in everything they do, and both emphasize teamwork as being instrumental to their success. “When one of us is busy, the other can pick up the slack,” Venkat explains. “We complement each other perfectly,” Rashmi adds with a laugh.

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