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We Tried It

Dec 30, 2013 06:51AM ● By Style

reaking out of a workout routine (or rut) can be tough,

but the team at Style decided to jump out of their desks and get moving this month—trying local fitness classes with flair. From belly dancing to boot camp and rock climbing to ninja training, we experienced plenty of sweat, soreness and accomplishment. Here, we guide you through eight of our favorites.

Supermen’s Boot Camp

SuperFIT Camps


Walking into the studio, Val Fujii, class instructor and owner, warmly greeted me and gave the eight attendees a brief intro (mainly for me since I was the only newbie that day). I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but that feeling was about to be put to the test. As the class began and the music started pumping, Coach Val started us off with some stretching and warm-up exercises, ending with a two-minute plank hold. Ouch! My heart was jumping out of my chest and a sweat broke. We then divided into groups of two and chose a station to start at (there were six total, each with a different exercise to perform). We then spent one minute at each station (30 seconds doing one exercise and another 30 seconds doing a different drill or a variation of the first to mix it up). In total, we completed four circuits and were given a brief water break between each one; if you felt like you needed an extra break or a second to catch your breath you were encouraged to do so. The class was intense—just like you might expect from a “boot camp,” but as far as challenging, it was as challenging as you wanted it to be; the amount of effort you put in was up to you.—GZ

Areas of the body most worked: Core, shoulders, arms, hamstrings
Length of class: 45 minutes
Sweat factor: Drenched but not fully
Price: 2x a week camp: $99/month with a 12-month contract, $139/month with a 3-month contract; 3x a week camp: $149/month with a 12-month contract, $179/month with a 3-month contract; Unlimited camp: $229/month (no contract)


AIRobics Enduance at Sky High Sports in Rancho Cordova, CA

AIRobics Endurance

Sky High Sports

Rancho Cordova

It was love at first bounce. As I stepped onto my trampoline square for the AIRobics Endurance class, I was transported back to grade school, when I’d wile the afternoons away hopping my heart out. The class started off with a warm-up before moving into bouncing intervals—Mario jumps, butt kicks, low-high knees, froggy jumps and sky jacks. After doing planks and push-ups (hello abs and upper body), “jumping” laps around the conjoined trampolines, and partnering up for ball tosses, it was time to bring out the Sky Bands for resistance training. My arms and back began feeling the burn in no time. The 50-minute session ended with another round of planks and bouncing intervals, before a much-needed cooldown. Thanks to the small class size, our upbeat instructor gave us plenty of individualized attention and positive reinforcement. According to Sky High’s website, one hour of jumping on a trampoline burns 1,000 calories and is a low-impact, fat-burning exercise that improves balance and coordination. A thousand calories or not, one thing is certain: This workout has plenty of bounce and will leave you sweating and smiling simultaneously.—MW

Areas of the body most worked: Every class offers a full-body workout (choose from “Speed,” “Strength,” “Endurance,” and “All-Around”), but the “Endurance” focuses on the core and keeping the heart rate up
Length of class: 50 minutes
Sweat factor: Sweaty, but not completely soaked
Price: $7/drop-in or $60 for 10 classes


Fitness Solutions - Diamond Springs, CA

Core Elements

Fitness Solutions

Diamond Springs

I was unsure what to expect when meeting with Joy Slavin for her class at the beautifully styled Fitness Solutions in Diamond Springs. Joy and I spoke briefly before class about my current shape, injuries and previous health concerns, completed some paperwork, and then jumped right into the workout. After two quick laps around the complex, followed by two more laps of a combo of side steps, high-knees, frog-leaps and sprints, and a few minutes on the stairs—the real fun began. The class broke up into groups and participants worked their way through stations inside the studio, focusing on isolated core exercises. Joy had us using a variety of exercise tools (TRX straps, yoga/exercise balls and Bosu balls) and varied exercises. After a couple of rounds at each station, we moved to the floor mats for more core development and a cooldown. Joy said the class “routine” is anything but a routine; rather, she likes to vary things to keep the body constantly adapting. Being my first structured workout in a few years, I was sadly shown up by all the other participants, but left encouraged by Joy and fellow classmates.—AR

Areas of the body most worked: Concentration on core and overall cardio
Length of class: 60 minutes (15-minute warm-up; 45-minute workout)
Sweat factor: Winded and wet
Price: $15/drop-in class or $40/four classes


Ninja Obstacle Course

The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness


I’ve been working out at The Studio for four years and have taken all kinds of fitness/kickboxing classes, but nothing like this one. When I heard it was a Ninja training class the first thing that came to mind was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But, alas, turtle power would not be the purpose of this class; achieving the ability to do what I did in second grade became my goal. What did I do in second grade? The monkey bars—they’re a lot different to navigate at 58 years old than they were when I was eight, that’s for sure. Who knew I couldn’t swing from bar to bar anymore, jump over a four-foot bag, climb a rock wall, or do pull-ups? Although my body has said “no” to going back to second grade, I am able to do things I haven’t done in years. And those monkey bars? So far I’ve been able to swing to two bars, but am working on the third. This class is by invitation only—you have to be able to do at least one pull-up and be in good health. If you have knee or back problems, it’s not for you. Strength training is important for maintaining bone density, but this class also incorporates cardio, ab work and balancing. Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior? Consider this your starter course. It’s challenging but the sense of accomplishment makes it worthwhile.—DL

Areas of the body most worked:  Arms, back and core, with additional focus on legs and abs
Length of class: 45 minutes
Sweat factor: Since there’s less cardio and more strength training, you aren’t fully drenched but you do work up a sweat
Price: Check with The Studio for details

Climbing 101

Granite Arch

Rancho Cordova

Entering Granite Arch, I was as clammy as they come; my anxiety about the unknown had gotten the best of me. Thankfully the instructor, Adam, immediately put my nerves at bay. After gearing up it was time to, literally, learn the ropes—from an introduction to the equipment and how to “tie in” to our harness, to belaying (controlling the rope as a climber goes up—and down—the wall, keeping it taut or providing slack) and understanding ratings. Adam continually stressed the importance of safety, communicating with your partner, and common sense. What surprised me the most was the amount of technicality and technique involved in the sport; it’s almost as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Although the learning curve seemed as steep as the wall in front of me, it wasn’t long before my partner and I were ascending the faux mountain—and feeling the burn. In two hours, I went from a rock-climbing rookie to having a new hobby. Besides being a great workout, there’s no doubt the sport brings camaraderie, confidence and a healthy dose of fun.—MW  

Areas of the body most worked: Forearms, core, hands/fingers, back, shoulders
Length of class: 120 minutes
Sweat factor: You’ll feel the burn but not get super sweaty
Price: $35/non-member; $15/member; NOTE: This class requires advance registration and includes gear rental



6 a.m. Power Vinyasa Yoga

Zuda Yoga

Locations in Folsom, Roseville and Midtown

Crawling out of bed at 5:37 a.m., I can barely open my eyes to get dressed and brush my teeth, let alone drive to Zuda. Thankfully I stay awake at the wheel and as soon as I walk into the studio, I’m greeted by warmth (the room is kept at approximately 90 degrees), upbeat music and friendly faces of about 20 other yogis. The class starts out slow (in a resting pose), but builds steadily to be almost dance-like. Linking breath with movement, we flow through sun salutation A, before getting into the rhythm of an energetic sequence. Before I can say “namaste,” sweat is dripping down my face and every other orifice of my body. After an intense ab sequence and “relaxing” hip opener, it’s time for savasana (final rest). Toxins twisted out and balance in check, I feel wide-awake (both literally and figuratively) and ready to take on the world—or maybe just the day.—MW

Areas of the body most worked: Core, legs, hips, upper body, shoulders
Length of class: 60 minutes
Sweat factor: Fully drenched; shower needed immediately after
Price: 30 days for $30/new students; $16/drop-in class; monthly unlimited yoga and other class passes available

Strengthening Dance Drills & Flexibility Class

Omi Mahina Tribal Fusion Belly Dance


If you’re looking to build confidence and perhaps bring a little of your sexy back, this class is for you. Lindsey Stewart Plumer, my instructor, is an experienced dancer who has concentrated on belly dancing for the past few years and is absolutely amazing. She stresses that you don’t need to be a natural dancer to thrive in her class, just practice. By the end, you’ll learn a few staple belly-dancing moves, such as the “Egyptian Shimmy,” and be able to put together your own small routine. The fast-paced tempo of the tribal music will have you shimmying your way to a fun cardio workout.—JW 

Areas of the body most worked: Abs, obliques, shoulders, lower back
Length of class: 60 minutes
Sweat factor: Increase in heart rate, but no sweat
Price: $15/drop-in class or $40/four classes


Mixed Class

The Dailey Method

Locations in Folsom and Roseville

This challenging class utilizes a combo of ballet barre work, core conditioning, muscle strengthening and yoga, and yields instant results! Immediately after the 60 minutes were up, I felt longer and leaner—just as the studio’s slogan says. With a bright, open space, skilled peers and the encouragement of my instructor and studio co-owner, Sandra Lemos, The Dailey Method was a wonderful way to start my morning. As a former track athlete this is exactly the kind of workout I’d been looking for: low-impact, strengthening, and an improvement in flexibility. Throughout the class you gain a mastery of your body as muscles that you may not have known you had before are isolated and worked. You will leave each class walking tall and toned, with your mind and body perfectly aligned.—JW

Areas of the body most worked: Obliques, hips, thighs, back
Length of class: 60 minutes
Sweat factor: A trickle of sweat
Price: $18/drop-in class