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Dec 03, 2013 03:08AM ● By Style

Q: As a teenager, I frequently cracked my back. Did this cause any damage?

A: Although frequently cracking your back is probably not going to cause any major problems in the short-term, it could make the joints looser, which will increase the likelihood of disc degeneration and arthritis in your spine as you get older. The need to crack your back means that you have some misalignments in your spine. Seeing a chiropractor would help to find the cause of your back pain and correct the problem. A chiropractor can also give you advice on stretching and exercises to help stabilize your spine—reducing the chances of having future back issues.

Dr. Roger S. Brisbane
Family Chiropractor
Brisbane Chiropractic
231 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 200
Folsom, 916-985-9990

Q: When is it too early to start my child in dance classes?

A: A child is never too young to experience of joy of movement in a teacher-directed class. You can start children as young as two years old. Movement exploration is emphasized as the child responds to a variety of musical instruments (drums, tambourines, triangles), props (scarves, fairy wings, wands) and imagery (poems and songs). Basic ballet positions and patterns can be taught to introduce the child to structured movement. It is a joyful experience for the very young!

Deirdre Hawkins
Hawkins School of Performing Arts
118 Woodmere Road, Folsom