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2013 Readers' Choice Health & Wellness Winners

Sep 26, 2013 08:09AM ● By Style

Not sure where to get your "om" on, have your chompers checked out or give your mental health a tune-up? Read on for Style's RCA winners.

Favorite Yoga Instructor

1.    Donna Rixmann at Yoga Peace
2.    Nick Clark at Zuda Yoga Folsom
3.    Arlene Jung at Broadstone Racquet Club

Favorite Personal Trainer

1.    Suzanne Cardenas at California Family Fitness
2.    Celio “Ty” Silva at One Body Integrated Training & Therapy
3.    Cristy Owens at FitOvation
Think your vote doesn’t count? There literally was ONE vote separating the #3 and #4 winners—#4 is Val Fujii at Fujii Fitness

Favorite Nutrition Shop

1.    Whole Foods Market
2.    Elliott’s Natural Foods
3.    Nutrishop

Favorite Gym/Health Club

1.    California Family Fitness
2.    Spare Time Clubs
3.    24 Hour Fitness

Favorite Martial Arts Studio

1.    Bowman Martial Arts
2.    Robinson’s Taekwondo
3.    West Coast Martial Arts

Favorite Martial Arts Instructor

1.    Karen Bowman at Bowman Martial Arts
2.    Ka’ren Minasian at Robinson’s Taekwondo
3.    Gary Merlo at West Coast Martial Arts

Favorite Yoga Studio

1.    California Family Fitness
2.    Bikram Yoga Folsom
3.    Leap Yoga
A very close #4—Zuda Yoga Folsom

Favorite Pilates Studio

1.    El Dorado Hills Sports Club
2.    California Family Fitness
3.    Evolved Body Studio

Favorite Pilates Instructor

1.    Mickey Riley at Broadstone Racquet Club
2.    Suzanne Cardenas at California Family Fitness
3.    James Crader at Evolved Body Studio

Favorite Physical Therapist

1.    Mike Beretta at Beretta Physical Therapy
2.    Rob Kipitzke at Body Concepts
3.    Dave Thomas at El Dorado Physical Therapy

Favorite Acupuncturist

1.    Wendy Stedeford, MSAOM, L.Ac
2.    Karen Pan, Ph.D., L.Ac
3.    Adina Robinson, L.Ac

Favorite Chiropractor

1.    Suzanne Roberts, D.C.
2.    Matthew W. Hassey, D.C.
3.    Steven Long, D.C.

Favorite Mental Health Professional

1.    Jenifer Jacobs, Ph.D.
2.    Kay Marie Williams, MA, MFT
3.    Alicia Cordeiro, MFT

Favorite General Practioner

1.    Kristine Burke, M.D.
2.    Christopher Olson, M.D.
3.    Robert J. DeBruin, M.D.

Favorite Doctor

1.    Kristine Burke, M.D.
2.    Manjula Bobbala, M.D.
3.    Michele Raithel, N.D.

Favorite Dermatologist

1.    David No, M.D., Ph.D.
2.    Scott B. Hearth, M.D.
3.    Timothy Rosio, M.D.
    (awarded posthumously)

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures

1.    Kenneth Sumida, M.D.
2.    Celia Remy, M.D.
3.    David Kaufman, M.D., FACS

Favorite Eye Doctor

1.    Bidwell Optometry
2.    Shawn Palmer, M.D.
3.    Robert A. Hoffman, O.D.

Favorite Pediatrician

1.    Wayne Wolfrey, M.D.
2.    Peter L. O’Malley, M.D.
3.    Sally J. Cullen, M.D.

Favorite Dentist

1.    George D. Chen, D.D.S.
2.    Amar Pawar, D.D.S.
3.    Wayne K. Tsutsuse, D.D.S.
A very close #4—Ryan Higgins, D.D.S.

Favorite Orthodontist

1.    Mark Holt, D.D.S.
2.    Paolo Poidmore, D.D.S.
3.    Tim Lyons, D.D.S.

Favorite Pediatric Dentist

1.    Make A Smile Children’s Dental
2.    Kids Care Dental
3.    Weideman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Favorite Pharmacy

1.    CVS
2.    Safeway
3.    Walgreens

Favorite Compounding Pharmacy

1.    Innovative Compounding Pharmacy
2.    Folsom Medical Pharmacy
3.    Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy