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Foodie Find: Sweet Score

Sep 11, 2013 01:29PM ● By Style
In a city deeply entrenched with history, lies a sweet spot serving the contemporary snacking pleasure: frozen yogurt! Sweet Score offers the popular icy treat—allowing customers to add toppings to their heart’s content—as well as freshly brewed coffee, delectable donuts, cupcakes and a variation of food choices on select days. Dressed in sports-team décor, the bright and appealing atmosphere invites you to stay for a while, as the outside patio does its part to entice your presence under the sun’s rays. In the mood for a healthy choice, I sampled a few of the unique yogurt flavors and landed on the non-fat Cake Batter option—a pale, yellow-colored frozen luxury. Mouthwatering and colorful candy toppings were shouting, “Pick me!” and yes, I’m proud to say I had enough willpower to pour in strawberries and granola—determined to add an extra layer of health and flavor. Because yogurt has enzymic benefits that help aid digestion, it makes it not only the perfect sweet snack, but also a beneficial, guilt-free indulgence. Now that’s definitely worth a scoop or two every so often.
Sweet Score - Placerville, CA