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Aug 02, 2013 03:55AM ● By Style

Q: I have little or no equity in my current home, but I’d like to move to a different area. Is a move possible or am I stuck?

A: The desire for a bigger or smaller home, with more or less land, a pool, no stairs or a home closer to family are just some reasons why sellers wish to move. Despite past disappointing home values in our area, there are mechanisms that now make a move possible for many. In this scenario, homeowners can sell their current home at a price that leaves them with little or no proceeds but enables them to buy a replacement property at today’s low prices with the features they want. When coupled with low interest rates and attractive loan programs such as FHA, VA and USDA, the “sell low/buy low” concept can be a winner for many. The process can be challenging, however, so enlist the help of an experienced mortgage professional and real estate agent in your area. They will have the necessary expertise to make your move a reality.

Janine Waggener, Realtor, DRE License #00996221
Placerville and Sacramento/Tahoe Region, 530-295-5509


Q: We plan to take our dog on vacation with us. What can I do to make sure he’s comfortable and safe?

A: Most of us consider our pets to be important family members, so it’s no surprise that many pets go on vacation with their families. To ensure a successful trip, plan ahead; research pet-friendly hotels and campsites, plan your route to include frequent stops, pack a first aid kit and always secure your pet with a leash before letting him out of the car. Your pet’s vaccinations should be current, and identification—including a microchip—is essential. In the car, your pet should be restrained in the back seat, either with a specially designed harness or in a secure crate. In the event of an accident, proper restraint will protect him and others in the car. Keep the temperature inside your car cool, never leave him in a parked car, and check with your veterinarian for ways to prevent and treat motion sickness.

Ric Delgadillo, DVM, MS
Crossroads Veterinary Hospital
694 Pleasant Valley Road, Suite 10, Diamond Springs