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10 Swim Safety Tips

Jul 02, 2013 07:45AM ● By Style

1. Never leave children unattended, not even if they can swim, not even for a few moments.
2. Enforce water safety rules. Especially no running, pushing or dunking.
3. Limit use of floaties as they create a false sense of security.
4. Learn to blow bubbles.
5. Promote the prone, horizontal swimming position (Arms straight, legs straight, face in the water).
6. Always get children's face wet in shower/bath.
7. Tell kids to put their face "IN" the water not "UNDER" as underwater is more intimidating.
8. Teach kids to open their eyes in the water.
9. Get kids comfortable laying on their backs with ears in the water.

We believe children are born with an innate love of the water. The earlier they start to swim (SWSS recommends 6 months); the chances of “outside factors” affecting their attitudes are lower. Parents who begin later on, for instance, find it harder for their child to feel comfortable to get their face wet. It often takes longer for the child to get used to the environment and to get used to submersion. An older toddler has probably reached a more "clingy" stage, is more reserved, and is less willing to try new things. It is easier to acclimate an infant to the water environment, but it is much better to begin later on than not to begin at all.

—Kaleb Wallen, Steve Wallen Swim School

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