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May 31, 2013 11:28AM ● By Style

Q: How do I find a good life insurance agent?

A: Depending on your situation, interview at least three people by asking them open-ended questions, which will help you understand their belief in life insurance.

  • Why do you sell life insurance? Give me an example of how you built a unique plan for a situation similar to mine.
  • Have you ever turned down a prospective policyholder and why?
  • How much life insurance should I have and why?
  • Rank the top three reasons why to buy life insurance.

The key to any interview is to let the person you’re interviewing talk and talk some more. If that doesn’t happen, leave. If they’re asking you a lot of questions, you most likely have a good provider/businessperson in front of you. Find out how much the person cares over how much they know; in a time of need, you and your family will want someone who cares.  

Russell Postell
License #0H30718  
Farmers Insurance, Granite Bay