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Element of Soul

May 31, 2013 09:16AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Placerville-based band Element of Soul’s (known as EOS) eclectic merging of sounds boasts a unique feel-good combination of reggae, pop, rock and folk, to name a few.

Each vital component of their get-up-and-dance positivity is unique in its own way. After just four years together, EOS consistently celebrates this notion of soul, as they continue to grow and evolve.

The band is comprised of six local friends: Issac Benjamin Moore on keyboard, sharing vocals and guitar with Mike O’Briant, Tristan Brown on lead guitar,  Seth Ahern a.k.a. DJ Zephyr, Christopher Brown on bass and Eric Opdyke on drums. Moore and O’Briant, being the founding duo, compose the acoustic backbone of the group’s songs while each member contributes their own facet to the track. Their debut, self-titled album—released last year—was met with such fan admiration that the group decided to produce an acoustic follow-up called Love & Light. “We had a lot of response from fans that like our old stuff,” Moore says. “Some of the re-worked tracks are the first songs Mike and I wrote when we were only 20 years old; we just brought a new light to them.”

The band has performed in a varying array of venues—from churches to bars and county fairs to casinos. Driven forward, it seems, by both their individual journey and collective growth, the band is now focusing on touring and playing at festivals with bigger names, staying attuned as possible in themselves as well as their craft. “We want to keep it as open as possible, with no limitations, and take our music to the next level as a business,” Moore shares. “You only get one shot in life, so you might as well take it.”

What’s more, each member is certified as a meditation instructor. As a group they’ve even taken several workshops with local spiritual life coach Dr. Kim Clarity. Teaching themselves to quiet their minds and tap into the universal love artists give to their creations and inspirations, helps each of them find creativity in their surroundings. “It’s like opening up people’s eyes and minds to different religions...they’re all the same,” Zephyr says. “You can find your own personal guidance in meditation; it’s there if you look deeper.”

Still residing in Placerville after having grown up in the area, the guys feel it’s a pretty epic place to create music. Their love of the beautiful area, reflected in nature and the community living here, won’t have them relocating any time soon. “Northern California, as a lover of the arts in general, has a great vibe for music. It’s up and coming like Seattle in the early ’90s,” Moore explains. “In Placerville, musicians are really supported and accepted; everyone is so open-minded. If I ever get rich and famous, I will still own a house in El Dorado County.”

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