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Apr 03, 2013 03:17AM ● By Style

Q: What are the standards that define “certified organic”?

A: Organic agriculture is a production method that emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality. Organic food products are produced using:
Agricultural management practices that promote healthy ecosystems and prohibit the use of genetically engineered seeds or crops, sewage sludge, long-lasting pesticides, herbicides or fungicides
Livestock management practices that promote healthy, humanely treated animals, by providing organically grown feed, fresh air and outdoor access, without using antibiotics or added growth hormones
Food processing practices that protect the integrity of the organic product and disallow irradiation, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) or synthetic preservatives

Whole Foods Market
270 Palladio Parkway, Folsom

Q: What is assisted living?    

A:Assisted living communities offer a lifestyle for older adults that’s fairly unique. It not only provides security and peace of mind of coordinated support, but also gives opportunities for engaging in social events, outings, affinity groups, wellness support and friendship. A common response from many who move into assisted living is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Those choosing assisted living can be relieved of yard care, home service coordination, cooking meals, house upkeep and overall stress from day-to-day home ownership. As well, it allows them to take advantage of what he/she really wants to be doing—enjoying life to its fullest.

Betsy Donovan
Chief Operating Officer
Eskaton Administrative Center
5105 Manzanita Avenue, Carmichael