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The 10 Spot – Tax Trivia

Apr 02, 2013 04:04AM ● By Style

Take a break from filing your return by testing your knowledge on some outrageous and obscure ways the government makes people pay, with a few fun facts thrown in for good measure. Don’t worry: It won’t be too taxing!

  1. Taxes might cost an arm and leg, but in what state do double amputees receive a $50 tax credit?

  2. Where in Europe are citizens permitted to deduct the costs of training in the fine art of witchcraft?

  3. As part of the Affordable Care Act a ___ percent tax was implemented on indoor tanning services.

  4. In New York, what breakfast item is taxed if customers dine in, or ask for it altered?

  5. What famous band had a hit song about taxation?

  6. What president started the practice of releasing his tax returns?

  7. True or false: The number of fatal traffic accidents spikes on Tax Day.

  8. What’s the tax called that’s levied on athletes who earn an income while competing in particular cities or states?

  9. What fruit does Maine protect from being over-harvested with a tax?

  10. In what European country do TV owners pay a tax?


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1. Oregon

2. Netherlands

3. 10 percent

4. Bagels; if customers ask for it sliced or with cream cheese but still take it to go, the tax remains.

5. The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver, with the song “Taxman”

6. President Nixon

7. True. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there’s a 6 percent increase in traffic deaths on Tax Day.

8. Jock Tax

9. Wild blueberries; the state gets a penny and half per pound.

10. United Kingdom