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Stillwood Sages

Feb 14, 2013 08:22AM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

In the music industry there are milestones that mark success, and local band Stillwood Sages has passed quite a few.

Being nominated for a 2012 Sammies Award and playing at world-famous venues is just the beginning for this three-year-old group.

There’s an old adage that says, “Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional”; such is the mantra of Curtis Hildebrand (a.k.a. the Flyin’ Cowboy), the man behind the band. His unbridled enthusiasm for life and music is contagious. As the playful heart of Stillwood Sages, Hildebrand takes on the role of manager, songwriter, producer and director. Joining Hildebrand are John Morris on guitar, KM Lowry on bass, and percussionist Steve Marsh. All four members play off each other – making great music by blending blues, rock and funky soul into songs with a message. Although it’s hard to describe their style, the music proves to be visionary and versatile. “These are all eccentric and eclectic people,” Hildebrand says. “Everybody in the band is a genius.”

When a person is deemed a sage they are thought to have utilized their lifelong experiences and reflections to become wise. “All of the members give the group the sage spirit,” Hildebrand says. “It is a gift you’re giving to each other and also receiving.” But it’s not solely the band members who benefit from this, so do audiences throughout our area and the entire West Coast.


Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

All of the highly trained and talented musicians bring adaptability and energy to connect with the audience – constantly trying new material and continually tweaking it until it feels right. “We are very expressive on stage,” Hildebrand shares. The group focuses on the positive, as well as growing and spreading love. “Our whole premise is to change the world into a more loving place,” Lowry says.

Hildebrand not only credits the members, but also his wife of eight years, Gretchen, for the band’s success. He admits she is one of the main reasons Stillwood Sages is still alive. “She has the capacity to understand what had to happen in my life to make this band happen,” Hildebrand says.
This month, they’re ecstatic to be performing their new hits “Change,” “Wild Poet Eyes” and “Without a Net” at West Hollywood’s legendary venue Whisky A Go-Go. In addition to “covering” some songs from their favorite artists, the professional posse perform mostly original tunes and write from personal experiences. “Our music is real,” Hildebrand admits. “It’s organic.” Lowry passionately adds, “Create or you will die.”

The band’s first priority is to serve the song and let the listener interpret it as they will. “Stillwood Sages is so great because we have fun on stage and we jive,” Hildebrand says. The members are quick to point out that their band is not about making a living. “It’s not about the money,” Hildebrand says. “It is the energy and connection with the audience that is the real payoff.”

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