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5 Not-So-Ordinary Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Feb 06, 2013 01:43AM ● By Style

There is no better bonding experience then when two people participate in a shared activity, especially for the first time.

It promotes a sense of teamwork, unity and togetherness that can create a memory to last a lifetime. This Valentine’s Day, considering ditching the dinner and roses for one of these unconventional date ideas:

  1. Take a class. Cooking, dance, yoga, art, winemaking… There’s a class for just about anything you could imagine. Learning something new may take you outside your comfort zone and may produce some nervous jitters, but it also gives you something to focus on besides yourself and your date-- which may actually ease any dating awkwardness as you relax and laugh over your shared failing attempts.

  1. Be Mindful. Visit a local museum or historic site; anyplace that has a guided tour. This relieves any pressure for mindless banter, while allowing you to learn something new and take in something beautiful. The inability to talk your partner will leave you bursting with anticipation to converse once the tour has concluded. Go to bar or restaurant after and discuss what you learned or found interesting.

  1. Get Physical. There’s just something about seeing you S.O. sweat from physical exertion that is sexy. Play some one-on-one basketball, take that afore-mentioned hot yoga class, go for a long bike ride, stopping at locations that are meaningful and restaurants that are special to your relationship. Even spotting each other at the gym can be intimate. Plus, when you workout together, it’s sending a message that you care about your relationship enough to take of yourself so that you both can be around for the long haul.

  1. Bridge the Age Gap. If you and your partner have heard every one of each other’s stories twice over, why not go out on a double date with your grandparents or another elderly couple in your lives? It’s true what they say—with age comes wisdom; providing a great opportunity to listen and learn the secrets of relationship longevity. There’s nothing more romantic than seeing an elderly couple as madly in love as the day they met. As you listen to their stories, hold hands with your partner and imagine yourselves growing old together.

  1. Play a Game. The bonding experience can be shared, even if you and your S.O. are opponents! Just be sure to keep the game friendly and mildly competitive; games lose their sexiness when one partner is a bad sport, cocky, or a poor loser. If you think your relationship has what it takes, bust out the Scrabble board, that game of twister, or your Wii. Designate intimate prizes for the winner ahead of time, such as “if I win you have to massage my feet”, that way each party can agree on the terms. Batting cages are also a hit when it comes to fulfilling your active needs as well as get you giggling at each other.