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Jan 11, 2013 03:27AM ● By Style

Q: What are some requirements to become an adoptive parent?

A: First, let’s address the myths surrounding the perceived requirements. You don’t have to own a home or be married – neither have anything to do with being a good parent to a child in need. However, there are several requirements mandated by state regulations, which are intended to ensure a child will be in a safe, healthy environment. Foster/adoptive parents will be asked to show:

  • Adequate income to meet the family’s needs
  • Stable housing
  • Adequate bed space (no more than two children of the same gender per bedroom, and each must have his/her own bed)
  • Physical and mental health in good standing that will allow the adult to properly care for a child

California also requires a criminal background and child abuse registry check for each applicant. Lilliput is primarily concerned that children are placed in safe and nurturing environments where their developmental, physical and emotional needs will be met.

Elizabeth Morabito
Community Relations Coordinator
Lilliput Children’s Services

8391 Auburn Boulevard
Citrus Heights