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Jacqueline Harrison

Jan 04, 2013 09:35AM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

For most, winning “Favorite Artist” in El Dorado County Foothills Style’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards would come with a considerate amount of bragging rights.

And rightfully so: Being the number one pick of an entire community is kind of a big deal. Yet for painter Jacqueline Harrison, the win went uncelebrated, as she didn’t even hear the good news until a friend showed her the magazine. “I was incredibly surprised,” Harrison shares. “I had no clue at first, but when I saw the article was flattered and humbled.”

Basking in the limelight has never been desirable for Harrison, or a reason for practicing her art. Working solely in watercolor, she produces beautiful landscapes, bold flowers and bountiful fruits and vegetables. Discovering her craft nearly 10 years ago, Harrison was hooked the moment she took her first art class and never plans to change mediums. “Like all things, there’s an endless well of learning with watercolor. I’m still learning each and every day,” Harrison says. “I enjoy the movement of the water and [the watercolors] surprise me every time I pick them up; they definitely have a mind of their own.”


Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Although she draws inspiration from nearly everything, Harrison is particularly drawn to nature; oftentimes, it’s organic surroundings that provoke her to pick up a brush. “I’ll notice how the light plays on trees – its shadows and textures – the deep colors of fall, or the bright flowers in spring,” Harrison reveals. Frequently taking photographs to capture what she sees, Harrison keeps a large file of pictures and clippings that speak to her (to paint at a later date). Some of her best work, however, was because she immediately recognized that it needed to be painted.

In the midst of mastering her craft, Harrison came upon the idea of turning her work into greeting cards, mostly for herself since she enjoyed sending handwritten notes. But soon the cards became such a hit that she began selling them. “I really like the idea of having my work sent to someone and it bringing a smile to their face,” Harrison says. “I paint because it brings me joy and hopefully it brings the same to others.” Harrison’s cards can be found in Placerville at Winterhill on Main Street and Country Elegance on Missouri Flat Road, which also carries her original works and prints.

Raised in Santa Rosa, Harrison moved to El Dorado County in the late ’70s. Even though she’s traveled the world, the artist is happy to call Placerville home. With its beauty, proximity to wonderful sights and terrific people, Harrison and her husband feel blessed to live where they do. “I believe every person has some sort of artistic talent inside themselves. Even if they don’t know it, they just have to unlock the door,” Harrison says. “It’s amazing to live among so many artists where you can pick up a different technique with every new piece of art you see. What’s not to love?”

For more information, call Country Elegance at 530-622-9338.