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The 10 Spot - New Year, New You

Dec 31, 2012 07:56AM ● By Style

It’s 2013…meaning the Mayans were wrong! To celebrate the feat, Style shares tips to help you kick off the new year the healthy way.

1. Reset your internal sleep clock by getting eight hours for six weeks straight. You’ll “program” a healthy new sleep routine and boost your metabolism.

2. Visit a new local café or take a different route to work. The brain craves novelty and little changes to your daily routine can make you feel younger.

3. Start your meals with fruits and vegetables. Loading up on vitamins and antioxidants will give you that refreshed feeling.

4. Try a healthy happy hour. Instead of hitting up a bar, reconnect with friends by taking a walk or hitting the gym.

5. Not motivated to go to the gym? Prepare the night before by laying out your workout clothing, sneakers and gym membership ID. Visible cues will inspire you to get your behind in motion.

6. Big dishes and utensils result in big trouble for your waistline. Join the Small Plate Movement Challenge ( by eating off a 9- to 10-inch plate for your largest meal of the day for one month.

7. Avoid eating food from its original container. By doing so, you fail to see how much you’re actually eating.

8. Quit smoking – for your health, your loved ones and the planet.

9. Hold the salt. Excess sodium means bloat, high blood pressure and the risk of developing other cardiovascular diseases. To start, curb your intake of processed foods and read nutritional labels.

10. Slather on sunscreen. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause brown spots, make wrinkles appear before their time and…oh yeah, skin cancer. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 daily.