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Fire Dawg Coffee Co.

Dec 07, 2012 01:40AM ● By Style

Photo by Aaron Roseli, © Style Media Group.

With temperatures dropping and the holidays fast approaching, my comfort food cravings have reached near out of control levels.

My taste buds seem to beg for fresh, home-cooked flavors on a daily basis, and a recent visit to Fire Dawg Coffee Co. in Diamond Springs found me powerless to resist their demands. Located just off Pleasant Valley Road, this family-owned joint has regulars hooked on its exceptionally friendly service and Stuffed Tomato Salad, a signature dish of sorts from what I’m told. Personally, I’ve found that I’m partial to the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich, which boasts a masterful blend of sweet and savory elements. Moist pieces of turkey and cranberry cream cheese meet with my choice of cheese (provolone) and veggies (lettuce and tomato) between two slices of cranberry-infused bread to form this lunchtime classic’s sweet and savory flavor. In fact, it’s so delectable that, upon first bite, I was sure I saw visions of sugarplums and impending holiday meals dance in my head. The warm staff and eye-catching, firefighter-themed décor took my lunch from ordinary to extraordinary, and there’s no doubt I’ll return for more of the same. Fire Dawg Coffee Co., 493 Main Street, Suite A, Diamond Springs. 530-306-7242.