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Nov 02, 2012 05:45AM ● By Style

Q: What exactly is Texas-style barbecue? What makes it different than traditional barbecue?

A: Barbecue varies from region to region. Barbecue, as most Californians know it, is considered grilling meat directly over a charcoal or gas grill. Texas barbecue uses an indirect cooking method: heat and smoke drifting into the meat chamber and cooking the meat at a low temperature very slowly. The meat absorbs the smoke flavor, which comes from the type of wood used. Unique spice mixes applied onto the meat, known as the rub, are also a secret to great Texas barbecue. Meat is then served with the sauce on the side (to enhance its flavor, not overwhelm it), plus pickles and onions as the garnish. Tasting different types of barbecue is lots of fun, and there is no such thing as bad barbecue – some are just better than others. Barbecue is an art you cannot rush.

Shelley and Jerry Cobb
Back Forty Texas BBQ
3977 Durock Road, Shingle Springs


Q:How can you spot a counterfeit designer handbag?

A:First, look for quality. An authentic handbag will not have anything crooked – stitching, seams, words, logos, etc. Second, authentic handbags are not sold on the street or at a party. Third, fake handbags often have glued seams, metal-colored plastic zippers, hangtags, creeds that are not embossed, and plastic wrapping. On Dooney & Bourke bags, be aware of duck fobs that aren’t brass or if it’s missing the “All Weather Leather” creed; characteristics of fake Coach purses include vintage bags with lining or creeds that don’t include both a style and registration number; and for Louis Vuitton, beware if it’s not made in France, has linings that feel like plastic, or lacks an “LV” dust bag.

 — Debbie Brewster
The Jenni Lynn Boutique
Shingle Springs