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Sep 06, 2012 05:09AM ● By Style

Q: What are the benefits of organic hair coloring?

A: The question I’m asked most often by people who appreciate the value of organics – whether it be food, personal care products or hair color – is: “Does it work as well as conventional hair color?” and the answer is “YES…even better!” Organic hair coloring products don’t only work better in terms of producing a beautiful and natural color, but they also impart superior condition to the hair, as reflected in a more luxurious texture and shine, which results in more manageable hair – not to mention better health for the client as well as the stylist. The organic color I prefer to use is imported from Europe, as oversight and organic standards are much higher.

Judy Moyer
Strands Organic Salon


Q: When am I required to get my car smogged?

A:Most vehicles registered in California are required to pass a smog check every two years, but your DMV renewal notice will indicate whether or not it’s necessary. All 1976 and newer gasoline-powered vehicles are subject to the requirement. However, there is a delay for vehicles six or less model years old. For example, 2006 model-year vehicles are now being directed for their first smog checks. For diesel-powered vehicles, 1998 and newer models are subject to smog checks. Diesel vehicles require their first smog checks at the two-year mark. Additionally, smog checks are required when a vehicle older than four-model years is sold and for any age vehicle that enters the state. To view other reasons and exemptions for smog checks, visit

 — Tom Petrone, Owner
Smog King
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