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The 10 Spot - Bottle & Cork Crafts

Sep 05, 2012 08:13AM ● By Style

The wine is corked and the bottle empty, but before you throw it all away (or recycle), check out Style’s DIY uses.

  1. Create a hanging plant holder with a wine bottle by removing the label, filling with soil and wrapping twine around the neck. Tie the bottle to a heavy branch or somewhere on your porch and fill with your favorite flowers.

  2. Use your favorite wine bottle as a decorative container for homemade flavored olive oils  (purchase a plastic pour spout for the bottle’s top).

  3. Slice a slit in the cork lengthwise and use as rustic place card holders for dinner party guests.  

  4. Create a corkboard by gluing similarly shaped corks to the inside backing of any sized frame. Let dry and tack up photos, reminders and shopping lists.

  5. Make a trivet by gluing corks together in a square shape; keep hot dishes and pans from damaging tables and countertops.

  6. Fill an empty vase or glass candleholder with wine corks, and place a candle in the center for a new decorative accessory.  

  7. A wine cork placed near your bulletin board is a prime place for loose pins and thumbtacks.

  8. Layer an old wine bottle (label removed) with a coat of chalkboard paint and turn the bottle into stylish chalk art.

  9. Make an angled cut with a glass cutter in your favorite wine bottle (wash and remove the label), to create a decorative vase for a small and simple bouquet.

  10. Instead of using an abrasive cleaning pad to clean knives, use cleanser and a cork.