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The Fabulous Liars

Jul 30, 2012 04:13AM ● By Style

Within moments of meeting The Fabulous Liars, it’s evident they not only share an electric chemistry, but a fun-loving and mischievous energy that is nothing short of contagious.

Bringing this infectious fun to the stage is one of their main goals, a goal they accomplish every time they perform.  

The group consists of five charismatic guys who have each earned their stripes as entertainment veterans. Doug Jarman provides lead vocals as well as the lion’s share of sarcasm; in addition, there’s Jim Britton “JB” (guitar), Jim Riggs “Broadway” (drums), Ed Wilson (guitar) and Gary Coverdale (bass guitar). The group came together in 2009, and while JB and Broadway were the only two who had previously performed together, a few of the members had serendipitously (and unknowingly) crossed paths decades ago at various Hollywood music events. It wasn’t until the band formed that JB realized Doug had actually photobombed a few of his snapshots from the early ’70s. Perhaps it was fate.  

One thing that sets these guys apart from other bands is the fact that aside from being great musicians, they are all vocalists as well. The band takes great pride in creating unique arrangements and harmonies for the covers they perform; in fact, this is what inspired the band’s catchy name. “During rehearsals we would always joke around between songs, saying ‘I wrote this or he wrote that.’ One thing led to another and I suggested we call ourselves ‘The Liars.’ At shows I always say: ‘We used to be called The Liars, and then we got fabulous!’” Doug jokes. Needless to say, even if you think you recognize one of the long-lost songs they sing, you can count on them putting their own “liarized” twist on it, ensuring it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

When asked to pick what song they love performing most, the band said it was like being asked to pick a favorite child; however, “Wild Nights” by Van Morrison and “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream were both tossed into the ring as favorites of both the band and fans.

In the mood for music you can rock out and dance to? If so, The Fabulous Liars are the band to watch – in any given concert you’ll hear songs from groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters to Frankie Ford and the Allman Brothers. These guys know how to give you variety!

“We love what we do and we love bringing our excitement for music to our audience,” Ed says. The Fabulous Liars will be keeping quite busy in the upcoming months, with concerts at various wineries, yacht clubs and other local venues.

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