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Jul 30, 2012 03:26AM ● By Style

Q: I’m quickly becoming a cycling enthusiast, but I’m not sure how to care for my bike. What are some tips to keep my two wheels in prime racing condition?

A: First, learn the basic operation of the bike from your dealer and take it in whenever there’s an issue you can’t resolve yourself. Clean your bike frequently, inspecting it for damage or anything out of the ordinary. Problems are easier to identify if the bike is clean. Wax every surface that is either painted or coated metal with car polish; dirt and contaminants will be easier to wipe off. Also, keep your tires at the proper pressure – if too high or too low, you will sacrifice comfort and/or safety. Keep your chain clean and lubricated; be sure to remove excess lube, as it will be a magnet for contaminants. By doing these steps, your bike will look and run like new on every ride.

Mark Stemmy
Optimized Cycling Solutions
Cameron Park


Q: I’m interested in trying acupuncture, but am a little hesitant because of all the needles involved! What does acupuncture treat and does it hurt?

A: Most people find acupuncture truly enjoyable. Concern about the needles is probably the biggest challenge most patients initially face. However, once a patient has experienced getting acupuncture, they usually say that there is a certain sensation but no pain. What does it treat? A shorter list is what it can’t treat. Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine, but like any system of medicine, it has its strengths. Some of the chief concerns include infertility, anxiety, fibromyalgia, immune and digestive system problems, allergies, insomnia, any type of pain, and stress reactions.

Wendy Stedeford, MSAOM, L.Ac
El Dorado Hills & Folsom Locations