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Dr. Fran Fisher

Jul 30, 2012 07:54AM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Certified Sexual Counselor Dr. Fran Fisher didn’t begin her career the way you’d expect.

Just before her 18th birthday, she entered a Roman Catholic convent with hopes of becoming a missionary. Three years later she left the convent for marriage, children and a career as a registered nurse. “I did not really have what it took to stay in a contemplative life,” she admits. Although Fisher moved to California with her family from England more than 30 years ago, it wasn’t until her children were nearly grown that she took a life-changing sexology workshop. At the time, she was shocked by her own ignorance about human sexuality, despite many years of marriage. “I hate the thought of feeling ignorant,” Fisher explains. The workshop soon led to more classes and eventually a Ph.D. in human sexuality.  


These days, Fisher spends her time counseling and educating people about sexuality, in addition to volunteering with ReSurge International, a group that provides volunteer reconstructive surgeries in the developing world. She also started her own foundation, Feed All Kids (FAKS), which helps provide meals to children recovering from these surgeries. More than anything, however, Fisher is passionate about educating others on sexuality so they can live more fulfilling lives. “It’s a privilege to do this job,” she says.