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We Tried It!... Ritual Cleanse

Jun 27, 2012 03:49AM ● By Style

Photos courtesy of Ritual Cleanse.

Juice Cleansing with Southern-California based Ritual Cleanse

My first all-natural, raw, organic cleanse began the way all cleanses should begin – with a piece of chocolate cake. In my defense, it was 1:30 in the morning before the morning I was supposed to drink my first juice, and I had just it. I knew I wouldn’t be indulging in any of my favorite foods for a few days so I figured I’d go all out. Three days is not a very long time and although I was excited about my cleanse, the skeptic in me was sure I’d return to eating my favorite “bad” foods in no time.

The weird thing is…I never really did. The Ritual Cleanse totally shocked my brain and taste buds into craving organic, healthy green things along with fresh fruits and other vegan and raw foods. For the first time in a long time I felt myself actually craving nourishment as opposed to just “food”. My cravings for sugary and fatty foods are completely gone, and I still can’t stop salivating over organic greens, fresh fruit and whole grains. My skin improved drastically and I even my acne-prone self has yet to see a pimple since I finished the cleanse. The three days were hard, but completely worth it in the end. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. In fact, I have another one planned in a month or two! So here’s the skinny.


The Ritual Cleanse is a detox juice program available that combines 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juices that deliver superior nutrition to your body while “cleansing”. Some of the benefits include: mental clarity, abundance of energy, happier mood, better digestion, decreased desire for salt and sugar, craving for fresh fruits and vegetables, glowing skin, more restful sleep, weight loss and even an increased sex drive. Ritual does have a few cleanse options (you can choose how many days you want to detox), but I chose the Classic Reset Cleanse – mainly because I didn’t think I’d be able to go for more than three days. Delivered right to my door the morning before my first day were 20 freshly pressed, delicious looking juices in the cutest biodegradable bottles – 6 juices are consumed per day with an extra two “Shred” juices that you can take before and after a workout (completely optional). Three green juices a day are balanced out with a seasonal fresh fruit juice (Mango, Pineapple and Coconut Water – so delicious), a lemon water sweetened with just a dash of raw agave nectar and a heavenly cashew “milk”, slightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. A bottle of fruit juice, lemonade and a Chai latte to top it all off? Yes please!


started off pretty good. My first green juice, consisting of kale, spinach and romaine gave me a great buzz and provided me with tons of energy for work.. I felt myself going downhill at about 10:30, a little over an hour after my first juice. Just before noon I had my second juice - the mango, pineapple and coconut brew – and it pumped me right back up (I blame all of the natural sugars, but still).

As soon as I walked outside for my lunch break a few hours later, I realized how high my energy levels were - and I hadn’t felt “hungry” all day. A bit later I was trying to get through my third juice of the day (green, like the first) – unfortunately, it has a ginger kick that makes it a little rougher to get down. I make it through and feel so much better afterwards. A few hours later I have my lemonade and get it all down – its not bad, although the added cayenne definitely has a bite to it. I skip my third green juice a few hours later because I’m not all that hungry and want to save it. Just before bed at about 9 o’clock I have my final drink, the cashew milk, and guzzle it down with no problem. It tastes like a thick and creamy vegan chai milkshake. I sleep like a baby.


was definitely tough. Ritual recommends starting off each day on the cleanse with a cup of hot water with some organic lemon. It definitely wakes me up – I added an organic green tea bag to the water (caffeine free) and gulp it down. By 1:30 I have had both my first juices and am feeling fabulous. A few hours later after I’d had my lemonade, I decided to forgo my third green juice of the day again because, surprisingly I’m just not hungry. I felt bad for skipping out on some key nutrients, but I really wanted some juices that could carry me into a fourth day. Not the greatest idea, because that night I was exhausted and incredibly moody. My boyfriend practically force-fed me half of an organic avocado after I told him it was on one of the “approved” foods to eat on the cleanse if you feel like your world is falling apart and you’re drowning in juice during your detox. Afterwards, I felt much better and after drinking my cashew milk, and I curled up with the happiest of bellies. I love that the milk keeps you full throughout the night and you never wake up in the morning with hunger pangs!


was hard, but strangely exciting. In the morning I noticed my skin had an odd glow to it and my energy levels were very good. A few sips of my spinach-kale-romaine-celery-cucumber juice and I was on top of the world. By mid-morning I had somehow ended up online browsing for vegan and all natural recipes. I was starving, but I couldn’t stop thinking about crisp, crunchy salads, ripe juicy fruit and “meats” like tempeh and seitan. My mouth was watering. Me! The most carnivorous of carnivores. Around 5 o’clock I was vying for food and had a bit of organic romaine lettuce with some Meyer lemon juice from my backyard drizzled on top (another approved food). Almost like a Caesar salad? Not quite, but chomping down like mad on some crunchy lettuce really helped. The rest of the day flew by as I sipped each juice to completion. My body felt alive, my mind content and the two hadn’t felt that connected in a long time. I couldn’t wait to wake up to my leftover juices and begin another day of healthy eating.


was not part of the allotted cleanse, but I started the day off with a leftover green juice after some organic lemon water before eating breakfast a few hours later. My body welcomed the free-range eggs and homemade organic fruit salad I made. Although not vegan, the eggs did give me a much-needed protein boost and I still felt very “clean” after eating them. Lunch was a salad of organic greens with homemade balsamic vinaigrette and dinner was brown rice sushi – only a few bites of fish because I was mainly craving vegetables. I felt very good about my transition back to real food but still felt like I was “missing” my juice. By the end of the day I had formulated a plan to steal my mother’s juicer that she bought during a health kick back in the 90s.



Since finishing the cleanse I feel more vibrant and happy than ever. My system felt like it was floating for days after I had finished, and both my taste buds and mind were truly “Reset” and craving all kinds of new foods. Instead of wanting to snack on chips or a bagel, I’m always hunting around my fridge for crisp veggies or a big piece of fresh fruit. My dairy cravings have gone from deep-dish pizza and grilled cheese to organic Greek yogurt with berries and a little agave. I’ve also begun exploring vegan and raw foods (to the annoyance of all my friends) while cutting way back on my alcohol consumption. I can still enjoy all of the foods I did before, but in very small doses and as an occasional treat. Other than that, those foods are no longer what my body desires on a daily basis. I’ve even been making my own homemade raw juices from organic veggies – spinach, celery, cucumber and lemon – and a touch of fruit for sweetness.

I highly recommend the 3-Day Reset Cleanse from Ritual for anyone and everyone looking to clean up their diets and restart their system if they’ve been feeling a little sluggish. My skin is clearer, my hair is shiny and I’m finally filling my body with the foods it deserves. It’s changed the way I eat and look at food and feel better about my lifestyle than ever before. My desire for exercise has even returned after a long hiatus.

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