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We Tried It!... On-the-Go Whitening with Supersmile

Jun 21, 2012 03:53AM ● By Style

Photo courtesy of Supersmile.

Styles come and go, but if one thing remains “in” every season it’s having white teeth.

And if you’re anything like me (a big fan of red wine, coffee and tea) it can be tricky. But with such a busy lifestyle, I barely have time to do anything other than brush in the mornings and evenings. An extra 20 minutes twice a day for those whitening strips? Forget it.

Enter Supersmile. The “Intelligent Smile Care” brand created by Dr. Irwin Smigel boasts all kinds of fabulous whitening products – not only are their toothpastes out-of-this-world when it comes to making your teeth gleam, but their on-the-go whitening products offer fresh breath and whitening all in an instant, anywhere and anytime.

I’m a huge fan of their Quikee (.35 oz, $16.00), which removes stains and freshens my breath wherever I am. After meals or my morning (and afternoon, and evening…) coffee, I simply squirt a bit on my finger and rub it onto the service of my teeth, letting my tongue smooth the product into every groove. It’s great for removing those pesky surface stains after eating or drinking and leaves my breath feeling fresh without gum or sugary mints.

And when I need to purely knock out any lingering breath odors before an important meeting or a date, I will always turn to their trusty Powdered Whitening Oral Rinse (24 .06 oz single-use packets; $16.00) and never leave home without a few packets in my bag. Simply tear the top off the pouch, pour a bit of water in and fill to the line and knock it back before using it like a regular mouthwash. The rinse removes stains and freshens breath like no other, eliminating bacteria, plaque and gingivitis.

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