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Roseville Parks and Recreation

Jun 01, 2012 08:53AM ● By Style

To celebrate what makes Roseville great, we will hold a photography contest: Take A Shot.

Anyone who takes photos within Roseville’s city limits is eligible to compete; you don’t have to be a resident to win. The eight categories are listed below with examples of each. When submitting images, photographers must identify which category they wish to enter. Only one category per photo, but you may submit multiple photos in various categories; however, photographers may only win in one category.

    Parks, Landscape, Nature, Bikeways, Trails

    Kids, Family, Friends

    Arts, Museums, Libraries

    Events, Parades, 4th of July, Fairs

    Little League, Softball, Swimming, Fun Runs, Biking

    Police, Volunteers, Firefighters, Lifeguards, Teachers

    Buildings, Meetings, Commerce

    Any subject by photographers who have earned income from the sale of print or digital images.

Photos do not have to be taken during a specified time frame, but should appear current. Photographers who have earned money from the sale of past print or digital images are only eligible to compete in the Professional category. Stories are found in the faces, sights and imagined sounds captured – take a shot at telling us your Roseville story.

For more information about the Roseville Parks and Recreation Department, visit