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Sutter Street Artists

Jun 01, 2012 04:43AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

It’s assumed that artists spend weeks, months, even years creating each and every masterpiece in their catalog.

For the most part, they do but on occasion, the opportunity arises to hone and sharpen their skills by pushing them out of their comfort zone and into new and exhilarating experiences. This is often where artists find growth and introspection about their process, where they find their truest visions and deepest passions revealed.  

This month, on June 23, Sutter Street Artists will hold the extraordinary annual event known as Art in Action, during which participating artists – beginning with a blank canvas – will have a mere seven hours to bring their creative vision to life. Lori Anderson, vice president of the Folsom Arts Association and member of the Sutter Street Artists, says, “A lot of people like the challenge. It gets the artists together to have some fun.”

Sutter Street Artists showcase a broad spectrum of art including painting, photography, and sculpture of various styles and mediums. Initially, they began as a group of 10 emerging and mid-career artists, formed from various members of the Folsom Arts Association and students from local art classes. Over the years, they’ve tripled in membership and grown to incorporate several events as a part of their effort to promote local artists, including the widely celebrated Second Saturday Art Walk.

Petra Vineyard Wine and Art Gallery approached Sutter Street Artists a short time ago about exhibiting their work in a brilliant move to combine the breathtaking work of area artists with the superb vintages of their local vineyard. In the year since, the partnership has grown to include three rooms showing art at all times, providing each artist with a full five-foot exhibition space for their work.

Art in Action attracts many different artists from the area, all belonging to one or more of the local art associations. This year, participants are encouraged to incorporate a Western theme to celebrate the coming rodeo season. Artists may paint in the beauty of historic Sutter Street, around town, or even take their canvas home or to their studio, if they prefer.

As Anderson points out, the task of creating a masterpiece in a limited amount of time can be rather daunting. She laughs when she talks of her own challenges in the creative process. “Everything I ever do goes through this horrible looking stage and then it all pulls together at the end.” Though she is quick to add, it’s experiences like this that can help artists realize their true potential and find focus in their work.

At the end of the allotted time period, all pieces are displayed in the tasting room of Petra Vineyard Wine and Art Gallery, where they’re available to the public for viewing and purchase. Patrons are encouraged to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to meet and talk with the members of Sutter Street Artists. “We love to have people stop and ask us questions about the art and our process,” Anderson says. It’s this kind of celebratory environment where the priceless treasures of the art community are often discovered.

Art in Action is set to take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; viewing and wine tasting will be open to the public 4:30-7:30 p.m. at Petra Vineyard Wine and Art Gallery.

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