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Test Your BBQ IQ

May 31, 2012 06:23AM ● By Style

Start the summer off right with a good ol’ fashioned barbecue!

Nothing says, “Hello Summer” like a day by the pool and the taste of fresh-off-the-grill food. Next time you’re flippin’ burgers, flip to this quiz and test your grilling knowledge.  

  1. What does the term “barbecue” mean?

  2. What is the origin of the word “barbecue”?

  3. According to the USDA, what is the minimum internal temperature for safely cooked meats?

  4. What is the most popular holiday weekend for barbecuing?

  5. What is finger meat?

  6. Who invented and patented the original charcoal briquette?

  7. What is the unique feature of a Santa Maria style grill?

  8. What two flavors best describe the flavors of Kansas City barbecue?

  9. In what country did yakitori-style barbecue originate?

  10. In the U.S., what is the most popular grilling entrée?

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1. To slow-cook meat at a low temperature for a long period of time over wood or charcoal.
2. No one is absolutely certain, but one the theory is from the Spanish word barbacoa, which refers to the natives' method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform. Another possibility is from the French phrase barbe a que, which means “from whiskers to tail” and may refer to the original method in which a whole animal was cooked on a spit over an open fire.
3. 165 degrees Fahrenheit
4. Fourth of July (followed my Memorial Day, then Labor Day)
5. The meat between baby back ribs.
6. Ellsworth B. A. Zwoyer
7. The most unique feature is the pulley-style setup for the cooking grate that allows precise adjustment over the coals.
8. Sweetness and spice
9. Japan
10. Hamburgers