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Apr 30, 2012 05:53AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Is there something everyone can do all the time that will make each encounter with another person happier and more fulfilling?

Yes! And it’s as easy as giving a compliment. Each of us can say something – from cordial to common – that might just change a person’s hour, day, week or possibly their life. A kind word of appreciation, no matter how effortless or complex, can express positive feelings toward another and lift the spirits of both the giver and the receiver. It feels good to make someone happy. President Abraham Lincoln knew what it took – he once mused, “Everybody likes a compliment.”

Start your compliment with: “You are” and go from there. Loved, cherished, adorable, funny, wonderful…you get the idea. And then for a special one-of-a-kind touch, add a beautiful handcrafted ring with your compliment hand-stamped on a card and elegantly packaged to send or present to a lucky person. With Mother’s Day here, what a great way to let Mom know how you feel.


Melissa and Mike Magliola, the owners and creative forces behind Compliment, know the power of positive words and actions well. Their vision behind the company is to use words to talk to each other in a kind and loving way. The couple met as classmates at Casa Roble High School in Orangevale, and both returned to their alma mater to teach. During their entire relationship, they have used handwritten notes to express their most personal feelings for each other. “Mike and I leave each other little notes,” Melissa explains. “We believe in the written word.”  

Last fall, Melissa crafted a few rings to match an outfit for her and some girlfriends. Word of the beautiful, unique creations got around and more requests started pouring in. With such excitement, the couple decided to launch a Web site and start selling the rings online. Social networking did the rest, and now the word is quickly spreading nationally.

One of the area’s local salons, Nevaeh, is a retail outlet for Compliment products. Owner Coleen Weeks loves the creations. “These handcrafted rings are a great gift item, not only for someone else, but for yourself as well,” she says.

The company donates five-percent of each purchase directly to the Compliment Scholarship Fund. As teachers, both Melissa and Mike know helping high school students achieve their dreams of attending college is very important. “We don’t want to let the lack of money stop a student from going to school,” Melissa shares.

The rings are crafted out of Swarovski crystal beads, freshwater pearls, many types of colorful glass and other distinctive beads. “People like the idea of a one-of-a-kind piece,” Mike says. “It is uniquely theirs.” Shortly, there will be more beautiful handcrafted works of art to choose from – Compliment’s product line is expanding to offer earrings and stationery.

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