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Apr 26, 2012 01:49AM ● By Style



 – Lou Reed

Having already achieved cult status as the frontman for The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed’s second solo album – aided by producers David Bowie and Mick Ronson – shows his many sides, from rock-and-roll sex (“Vicious”) to sensitivity (“Perfect Day”), along with the familiar, jaded coolness of “Walk on the Wild Side” and surprisingly gorgeous odyssey in “Satellite of Love.” Lou was already a misfit star before, but Transformer made Lou an icon.


Jack White

Jack White, the mad musical genius behind The White Stripes and unofficial king of side projects, embarks on a new venture with his solo debut Blunderbuss. With this fresh project, White brings all of his musical peccadillos to bear, from the Nancy Sinatra-esque “Love Interruption” to crash-rock garage on “Sixteen Saltines.” This one will leave a mark.



The Truth by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett’s famous Discworld series comprises 39 novels, but fear not – it is welcoming and entirely engaging. The 25th novel in the series, The Truth, is a fantastic introduction to Pratchett, a fun and satirical look at the world of journalism set in the not-so-daunting world of the books namesake. Fun for any age, it’s guaranteed to start a lifelong love affair with all things Pratchett.


Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art by Christopher Moore

Friends of Vincent van Gogh team up to solve the apparent mystery of his suicide. The key may be one particular shade of blue paint – a pigment that has spellbound artists throughout history – and the mysterious little man who distributes it. From Christopher Moore, the best-selling author of The Stupidest Angel, comes this fun, joyful romp through art history.




Clara Bow was the sex symbol of the silent movie era, and It was the movie that sent her into orbit. Bow’s on-screen talent for expressing natural human emotion, coupled with her striking natural beauty, secured her a place in the hearts of movie-going audiences. Take a look and see what It was all about!


The Artist

The independent silent movie that took the 2012 Oscars by storm, winning seven Academy Awards, The Artist delights audiences of all ages and serves as the perfect introduction to audiences unfamiliar with the wonderful world of silent film. You just might find a new genre of film to adore.


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