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Folsom Parks and Recreation

Mar 05, 2012 03:47AM ● By Style

Whether you’re planning a fun-filled weekend or making good on a resolution to expand your horizons, it’s easier to do now, thanks to

This new Web site contains the latest information about what to see, hear and do in Folsom. The site is co-sponsored by the Folsom Patrons of the Arts in association with the City of Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission.

The Folsom Presents homepage welcomes visitors with the brightly colored “Arts. Culture. Life!” logo, clean layout, and easy navigation. Featured content is centered on the Patrons’ mission to improve the quality of life in Folsom by creating and sustaining an environment where the arts will flourish. “The Folsom Patrons of the Arts has long supported arts and cultural activities and organizations in the City. We’re excited that this new Web site creates a place for residents to see all that Folsom has to offer. We believe that a thriving arts and cultural environment is one of the key components that make a city a truly great place to live, and this Web site will help promote and grow the arts in Folsom,” says Caryn Rizell, president of the Folsom Patrons of the Arts.

The main component of the new Web site is the calendar feature – a comprehensive listing of dance, music, theatrical performances, gallery and museum exhibits, arts and cultural classes, and all types of special events and activities. Events need not be related to the arts in order to be listed on the calendar; anyone may submit an event for consideration. “The calendar is the result of a wonderful partnership with and brings the richness and capability of their site’s calendar to highlight all things Folsom. By featuring just the Folsom events in, we’ve created a ‘one-stop shopping experience’ for anyone interested in what Folsom has to offer,” Rizell says. The Web site also includes a virtual tour of the City’s more than 50 unique public art installations, profiles a visual or performing artist or organization, and features detailed information about Folsom’s art venues. 

For more information about Folsom Parks and Recreation, visit