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Perrin Sisters Art

Mar 02, 2012 05:30AM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana

American artist Barnett Newman once said, “Painting, like passion, is a living voice.”

Sisters Kathy Perrin-Hosier and Pamela Perrin of Perrin Sisters Art are putting the voice of the scriptures into their paintings – making the word of the Lord an exciting artwork available for everyone to enjoy. The sister team used to create hand-painted tiles and one-of-a-kind indoor fountains; then, about four years ago they started painting – creating art with Bible verses incorporated into the image – as another way to satisfy their creative energies using God’s words to inspire others. “We wanted something beautiful to hang on the walls, something we would want to display in our own homes,” Pamela says. Scripture art was born, with a mission to minister God’s holy words through their art and make it accessible to all.

First, they decide on the colors for the piece and then work in tandem to create the colorful abstract watercolor images, both painting on the paper at once. Each sister moves around the piece and addresses the paper and paint from all sides. Only after the paint has been applied and the piece is finished do they decide on the line of scripture to incorporate. And once the saying is agreed upon, they can see images emerge from the colors. “We don’t put the images in the painting,” Kathy explains. “We believe the Lord does.”  


They are just launching their business; however, they have already had success with getting their work into several churches. The size of the artwork varies from petite to massive, depending on the venue. They also offer many different mediums of giclée prints, from paper to canvas; the sisters are available to advise customers on how to select the one that is right for their installation.

The images of their work are remarkable. One is John 1:29 Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The colors of deep blues and purples have a heavenly appearance. Then in the center of the painting, you can see the head of a lamb. The sisters both affirm the image was not intentional. It is there and it is lovely.

Along with serving the Lord and creating art, they also have many other passions. They are working to support numerous children’s charities throughout the world by donating personal funds and a percentage of proceeds from the sale of their work. “It is important for us, as Christians, to give back,” Pam says. They support three Haitian children (their gifts allow the kids to attend school) and have also sent their artwork to Haiti and Liberia to be displayed in schools. Their biggest charitable donations, however, go to International Justice Mission. The group is a human rights agency that rescues victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. “Their work touches my heart,” Kathy says. The duo, through their art and philanthropy, is making an impact both locally and around the world.

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