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David Roth

Dec 06, 2011 10:28AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

For David Roth, the new superintendent of Buckeye Union School District (BUSD), moving to El Dorado Hills was a lot like coming home.

“I grew up in Canyon County in southern California,” he explains. “It was quite rural.” While working as assistant superintendent at Piedmont Unified School District in Oakland, Roth received word about the open position at Buckeye and jumped at the opportunity. “(They had) a high quality public school system with great community support and a great teaching staff. I felt like I’d found a gem,” he says.  

Now installed in his new position, Roth plans to work hard to maintain high standards of education and excellence at BUSD, despite the struggling national economy. “We’re making sure we’re running as efficiently as possible,” he notes. “We have to get as much money as possible to the students by providing the best programs we can afford.” He is also keeping one eye on the future of the district and hopes to incorporate new technologies and innovative teaching techniques that will keep Buckeye classrooms on top of their game. “We have to set new goals and continue the cycle of improving the district…” Roth says. For the future, he plans to take advantage of the great opportunity there currently is for the growth of the district.

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