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Curry Club Indian Bistro

Dec 05, 2011 07:30AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

As a former waitress at an Indian restaurant, I was excited to dine at Curry Club – it would be an opportunity to test my knowledge.

As I approached the restaurant, I was confounded. Located in a far corner of a shopping center and neighboring a Montessori school jungle gym, it’s a peculiar place for an Indian eatery. Inside, however, there were a number of patrons and a steady flow of take-out customers. A faint smell of curry powder and Bollywood music filled the air.

My friend and I started off with a chai tea and delicious mango lassi. The lassi was a perfectly proportioned mix of mango, yogurt and sugar and was not overly thick; the warm chai was a comforting contrast. We ordered the Mixed Tandoori for our appetizer, which included bite-sized pieces of salmon, chicken and beef kabobs on a bed of caramelized onions. When brought out to the table, we became the center of attention and the envy of those around us. I was particularly fond of the onions – I had no intention of kissing anyone that night!

For entrées, my friend ordered the Chicken 65 (legend has it, the 65 stands for the number of spices used to marinate the chicken), while I had the tomatoey Prawn Curry. We also shared crispy garlic naan and a bowl of basmati rice. The presentation was gorgeous – each dish was contained in copper bowls, perfectly sized for two. The Chicken 65 was bright in color, spicy in taste and lived up to its fabled origin. I feverishly dipped my naan into the curry to savor every drop of delicious sauce. To end the night, we shared a Pistachio Kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert. Covered copiously with its namesake nut, the kulfi was creamy and icy…a perfect way to cool our spice-coated mouths.

Overall, my experience at Curry Club exceeded my expectations, and as my friend so aptly put it, the restaurant “brought a little India to Folsom.”

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