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Dec 02, 2011 04:34AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you? is a social networking site dedicated to individuals who have been through a divorce, break up and/or a separation. We focus on three major goals: helping members find love, companionship, friendship or someone to talk to who has been through and understands their unique situation; providing resources that are related to pre- and post-divorce, for example – if one needs a divorce attorney in his/her area, our center will provide them with access to those resources and much more; and lastly, for clients to have fun. We are here to eliminate the majority of the challenges associated with your situation so that you can focus on dating and have fun while doing so. This business found me. I knew many people who were going through or had been through a divorce, and they all had the same concerns and challenges.

Why is your staff the best in the business?

We focus on delivering the best customer service, support and product in our industry. Our main concern is the customer’s experience and making sure they enjoy that experience form start to finish.

What’s your hidden talent?

I like to write and I’m in the process of writing a book.  

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?

CRUSH 29. They have great food, friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Where do you and your family go locally to have fun?

We frequent The Fountains at Roseville, Wacky Tacky, and the pool at California Family Fitness.

And finally, customer service is…?

The backbone of an organization. If you don’t appreciate your customers and actually show them, you will lose them. Our business understands that, and we have designed our vision and mission statement around providing excellent customer service.

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