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Bathroom Makeover

Sep 01, 2011 04:55AM ● By Wendy Sipple

At first glance, a bathroom renovation may seem like an easier project compared to other rooms in the home, given it’s proportionally small size. Thing is, working in such a small space, everything’s got to fit just right. And with all those important fixtures in one room, functionality, in addition to aesthetics, is key.

Take this bathroom remodel completed by designer Michie Schmitz, CHD of Precision Cabinetry and Design in Rancho Cordova. Homeowners Richard and Vicki Sandness approached Michie for this overdue renovation. According to the designer the space was “very traditional 1980s…dark and dated.” The clients expressed their vision of a more modern space, with simple, clean lines and a focal point created in the room around the vanity. They relied on Michie’s talents to create a functional and easy-to-clean space that still looked stylish.
Michie, together with contractor Jim Green of JP Construction, got to work on the project. The first priority was creating enough storage with the cabinetry. “Making sure there is a place for everything is crucial to a bathroom space,” says the designer. “Having the right amount of drawers, while keeping a beautiful look, is always a challenge.” With a few coats of white gloss on the cabinets, the bathroom achieves a chic, contemporary European vibe.

Many aesthetic improvements were made during the process, including new tile to help create a flow in the space. “The tiles in the shower and around the tub are an unusual size,” points out Michie. “They are 12 by 35 inches, and large tiles help create a clean look along with some very cool aluminum trim pieces flowing through the space.” This metal trim also helps tie together the plumbing fixtures, and the aluminum edges on the white Pacific Crest cabinets perfectly complement the tile and vanity.
A signature addition to the space is the Versailles drop-in tub, a beautiful feature that fits two people. “This tub has an amazing angled look but is also very comfortable for the homeowners,” says Michie.

Speaking of the homeowners, the Sandnesses couldn’t be happier with the results. “I am so pleased with the outcome,” shares Richard. “Jim and his team were able to craft the metal edges on the water closet and tile to match the metal inserts. True craftsmen.” Adds Vicki, “Michie’s design met all of our needs and exceeded our expectations. I can’t wait for Michie and Jim to redo my kitchen!”•