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Film Review: Waiting for Forever

Jun 27, 2011 02:46AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Waiting For Forever follows Will, a homeless street performer, who stalks Emma, a girl from his childhood that helped comfort him when his parents died on a train crash. The story picks up when Emma returns home to see her dying father. Emma is followed by a jealous boyfriend that has just murdered Emma’s lover after learning she had cheated on him. Will at this time finally finds the courage to confront Emma and reveal his feelings.

James Keatch and Steve Adams, the director and writer, are clearly aiming this movie to be a romance movie, but the result is a very creepy film. The lead character of Will is perhaps not a danger to others, but is clearly disturbed. The film makers believe they have an innocent and charming lead character, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Will walks around in pajamas the whole film, in mid-conversation speaks to his dead parents (which oddly doesn’t disturbed people enough in the movie), and the only thing he does other than stalking is juggling. Will seems willing to tell everyone he meets about his love for Emma, but even his love stories are extremely twisted and odd. He speaks about how he wants her blood in his veins so she will literally run through his heart. Instead of calling the police, the woman in the movie swoon over what a hopeless romantic the guy is?
The movie also packs in the subplots of a father dying of cancer and a jealous boyfriend murdering the guy Emma cheated with. Both of these subplots were handled poorly in both taste and how it interweaves into the main story of the film. Almost every conversation in the film is awkward and comes across as completely unbelievable. Most scenes consisted of characters telling stories of their past, some with badly edited flashback sequences, while the other characters listen. In short, it’s boring and not entertaining in the least. The actors seem to work hard with the material they have, chief among them Tom Sturridge who has the unenviable task of making Will remotely relatable and likable. Unfortunately not even the best actors can overcome a story as bad as this, and the cast here are not A-list talent.
I don’t understand why the film makers thought it was a good idea to make a film about a good guy stalker who gets the girl? This movie seems to be sending the wrong message to the crazy stalkers of the world. Perhaps they had seen Something About Mary a few too many times? Unfortunately they forgot to add compelling characters, comedy, and a good story. Don’t be fooled by its packaging promising a good romance movie. Waiting For Forever is an awkward, creepy movie about crazy homeless stalkers, dying cancer victims, and murdering boyfriends.

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