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The 10 Spot - Celebrate Your Pop

Jun 03, 2011 06:36AM ● By Style

Father knows best. He’s put Band Aids on your boo-boos, taught you how to ride a bike, and is a constant source of support and comfort when you hit a bump in the road. On June 19, show Dad your gratitude with one of these 10 gift ideas.

  1. From tackle boxes to fishing books, the list of fishing gear gifts is endless.

  2. Is your dad a Top Chef? Satisfy his cooking needs with grilling essentials: a cutting board, tool set and personalized apron.

  3. A gift of beer will always get a cheer. Popular choices? Try a home brew kit or trial membership to a “Beer of the Month” club.

  4. Looking for bonding time with him? Get tickets for you both to a sporting event or to see his favorite musician/band.

  5. For the dad who’s also a golf enthusiast, anything related to the green will do.

  6. A shower radio is ideal for the dad who can’t miss his sports highlights and play-by-plays.

  7. What dad doesn’t need a new leather wallet?

  8. Keep him in the technology loop by getting him a gadget such as an iPad or Kindle.

  9. Sure, a tie is expected, overrated and kinda boring. But you can get creative with a custom-made tie from

  10. Try an experiential present. A gift certificate to go skydiving or on an aerobatic thrill ride will create long-lasting memories.