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Apr 06, 2011 06:48AM ● By Style


I’ve been seeing an increase in ads for eyelash-thickening products. Do these really work? And if so, how?


The eyes are the window to the soul, so who wouldn’t want to frame that window with long, lush lashes? The newest eyelash products are growth serums and lash extensions. Over-the-counter serums will help moisturize and nourish, which promotes healthier lashes in the same manner that hair conditioner works. There are also prescription lash enhancers, which contain prostaglandins, a glaucoma drug. Most people report seeing an improvement in their lash thickness and length with both products. However, there are some pretty scary side effects ranging from severe eye irritation to permanent changes in eye color. A safer alternative – and my personal favorite – is the lash extension. With this treatment, an individual synthetic lash is permanently adhered to your own lash and sheds with your natural lashes.

Melissa Brown, Master Esthetician
Alchemy Day Spa and Boutique
715 Sutter Street, Suite D, Folsom


The grass in my lawn will get a brown tint sometimes. Do you have any tips to sustain a vibrant green lawn?


During this time of the year, the best way to keep your lawn green is to follow these four tips:

  1. Aerate it at least once a year.
  2. Fertilize every six to eight weeks.
  3. Cut your lawn at the higher settings.
  4. Water for shorter periods (e.g., depending on your situation, you may only water three minutes, three times a day) and every other day. Not every day.

How lawns are watered is also extremely important. The best sprinkler nozzle today is very effective using 2/3 less water than most pop-up spray heads, which will help to keep your lawn green while saving you a lot of money.

Mike Ulrich, President
Big Green Landscaping
3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-117, El Dorado Hills