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Apr 05, 2011 04:29AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

When seeking an intimate, romantic dining experience, there is no question that the charming décor and dreamy dim lighting of Sequoia provides this.

It was on a recent visit to the historic restaurant that my dining partner and I anxiously awaited ordering from the thoughtful and comprehensive menu…despite being unsure of our cravings with all the delectable-sounding choices.

The menu ranged from poultry to beef to seafood, and each description sounded just as intriguing as the next. The extensive wine menu offered an impressive selection of reds, whites and even sparkling choices, but on this particular evening I passed on this one indulgence, looking forward to what was to come. I quickly decided on the Artichoke Chicken entrée with the house salad. Instantly, I could smell the intermixed aromas of the rich and therapeutic sauces as they were delivered to our table.

Digging in, the juicy chicken melted in my mouth – similar to a perfectly cooked filet mignon – and the artichoke hearts were just as tender, but not overcooked. Served alongside the chicken was rice pilaf topped with sliced almonds, providing a nice crunch to contrast the delicate rice. It wasn’t long before I snuck a bite of my partners Pork Marsala and his side choice of the soup of the day – red pepper. Garnished with dandelion leaves, the smooth and creamy soup coated every taste bud on its way down.

The service was both timely and friendly; our server was extremely knowledgeable of every ingredient in our selections, as if he prepared them himself. With my journalistic tendencies in full effect, I also noted that Sequoia accommodates weddings and private parties, and serves an award-winning Sunday brunch. For classic delicious fare surrounded by charming ambiance, make a date to visit Sequoia!

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