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Survivors in Action

Mar 04, 2011 09:36AM ● By Style

Unless you have been a victim of a crime, it’s hard to understand what it feels like.

Alexis A. Moore knows. She’s been there and she’s come back fighting. As founder of Survivors in Action, Moore has turned the frightening experiences of her past into a network of help for other victims of crime. Survivors in Action (SIA) is a nonprofit, national advocacy group that supports victims and the families of victims of any crime, including domestic violence, identity theft, elder abuse, cyberstalking, stalking, child abuse, rape and sexual assault. It is a virtual organization with all activities conducted online, using “tech to connect” – connecting victims, professional advocates and victim service providers from all across the world. Victims can email SIA via their Web site or through one of the group’s affiliate blogs, and the victim is then directed to an advocate in their area.

As Moore was going through her own ordeal, she discovered that there were very few resources offering direct assistance to crime victims. That in itself was a crime, she thought, and it became her passion to create a support system for victims. A beloved member of her own family also inspired her. Moore shares, “My late grandmother helped me realize that I could sit on the sidelines and complain, or I could take action and do something about the situation. I chose the latter.”

As founder and president of SIA – which she started in 2007 – her role is multi-functional. In addition to overseeing its volunteer coordinators in the U.S. and abroad and helping to develop training and educational programs, she provides input about the impact of crime on its victims to the media, law enforcement and other agencies. Moore works tirelessly to further her organization’s mission: to help ensure that “no victim is left behind.” She coordinates marketing and fundraising efforts and spends a great deal of time strengthening the group’s resources. “I serve as the liaison between SIA and the thousands of victim service providers, attorneys and law enforcement personnel who are part of our list-serve from across the globe,” she explains. When needed, Moore also steps in to assist and provide expertise personally in the more difficult cases.

The volunteers share Moore’s vision. Many are seniors and members of youth groups and other civic organizations. SIA is headquartered in El Dorado Hills where Moore is a licensed realtor and commercial leasing agent with Town Center Realty, one of the nonprofit’s sponsors. Moore’s career includes working in the credit collections and investigations industry for over a decade and becoming an accomplished published author. Her latest book, A Parent’s Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying, is a handbook for parents, educators, coaches and all who want to help protect children and teens. “I am very proud to say that 100 percent of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to create a victim resource and to assist victims,” Moore says. SIA is also working with Hollywood producers on a domestic violence documentary. The film will shed light on the realities faced by victims in the 21st century and help further the pursuance of domestic violence resource reform so that “no victim is left behind.”

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