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Mar 03, 2011 03:54AM ● By Style

Photo by Jodi Yorston Photography, courtesy of Camino Flower Shop

Q: What is a great must-have tool to keep handy in my toolbox?

A: The tool I use the most is my cordless drill; I don’t go anywhere without it. It can only drill and be used as a screwdriver, but much can be accomplished with it. Another useful item is a Leatherman’s tool. This is a multi-purpose (12 tools) needle-nose pliers set that have a regular plier, wire cutter, large and small screwdriver, wire stripper, bottle and can opener, ruler, knife and more...all in one!

Dave Gutierrez, True Value Hardware
4571 Missouri Flat Road, Placerville
530-622-0992 •

Q: I’m currently planning my wedding and haven’t decided on a color theme yet, but need to order my flowers soon. What color bouquet would be universal to both my bridesmaids and myself?

A: If you are planning a wedding and want universal flowers, the colors should absolutely be neutral, such as shades of creams, Champagnes, or any shade of blues and peaches. A lot of brides go with letting the florist design their flowers and any reputable one can get flowers within three days of the wedding. Bridesmaids’ dresses should be decided by that time. A helpful tip: dark plums and silvers are the latest “go with” colors.

Dottie McKenzie, Camino Flower Shop
1297 Broadway, Placerville
530-644-5730 •